OUT NOW: Nothing Is Strange – by Mike Russell

‘Nothing Is Strange’ is a collection of 20 mind-expanding short stories. ‘Inspiring, liberating, otherworldly, magical, surreal, bizarre, funny, disturbing, unique…’ all of these words have been used to describe the stories of Mike Russell.

So put on your top hat, open your third eye and enjoy… Nothing Is Strange. Available now from www.strangebooks.com

Here is what people are saying about ‘Nothing Is Strange’:

‘Never in my life have I read something like this before… if you like books that are weird and make you think then this is the book for you!’ – Lauren

‘Haunting, beautiful, worthwhile. There are moments in this collection of short stories that are laugh-out-loud funny and passages and observations that are actually sublime.’ – Dean Edwards

‘The book has enough bizarreness to last a life time… I found myself filled with questions I have never thought before… This quirky, mind-expanding book is a definite must for anyone at all… If you’re considering buying the book! DO IT!’ – Tia at Goodreads

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