James Herbert

Re-reading James Herbert – #1 The Rats

James Herbert was arguably one of Britain’s most recognised and popular authors of our time, having written 23 novels and selling over 54 million copies worldwide (translated into 34 different languages).  His work defined the Chiller genre, adding  horror and fantasy elements to the present day in a way that was never approached before.  Sadly on the 20th March 2013, Herbert died at his home in Sussex at the age of 69.

Much like James Smythe’s brilliant ‘Re-reading Stephen King’ series (view here), I have decided to re-visit James Herbert’s novels that I have grown to admire over the years.  Having been born later than half of his novels were first written, I was amazed on my first discovery to find how many of these stories were still fresh and seemingly undated, having stood strong against the test of time.

These series of posts will look at all 23 of his novels (excluding his short stories, non-fiction titles and graphic novel) in chronological order, starting with his first novel, The Rats (1974),  and ending with his last novel, Ash (2012).

#1 The Rats (1975)

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Top 5 Haunted House novels

What makes novels about haunted houses so popular?  Is it because they make us feel vulnerable in our homes; a place which we should feel sheltered and safe from the outside world?  Or is due to the haunting presence of the horrors that had occurred in the past?  Whatever the reason is, one thing is for certain; we love them!

Here are our top 5 haunted house novels, which are all great reads and recommended for anyone who likes a good scare: (more…)