Sreyus Palliyani

Curious – by Sreyus Palliyani

“Mommy! Is that woman talking to herself?” asked a curious Jeff to his busy mother.

Startled by the interruption in her tank top perusal, she tried to ignore him, hoping he would let it go.

But Jeff wouldn’t comply. “Mommy! Why is that woman talking to herself?!”

Annoyed, she replied without shifting her gaze from the tops, “She has an invisible friend. Someone only she can see, she’s probably talking to him.”

Jeff was slightly taken aback. “Well if only she can see her friend, then how do you know it’s a him?”

Sadly, Jeff had pulled the last straw. “Be quiet Jeff! Mommy has to shop. Besides, it’s not a good idea to look at people talking to themselves.”


“But mommy…”

“Jeff! Another word out of you about the woman and you’re grounded for the week!”

Unconvinced, yet left without a choice, Jeff continued to look the other way quietly. (more…)