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Top 5 Haunted House novels

What makes novels about haunted houses so popular?  Is it because they make us feel vulnerable in our homes; a place which we should feel sheltered and safe from the outside world?  Or is due to the haunting presence of the horrors that had occurred in the past?  Whatever the reason is, one thing is for certain; we love them!

Here are our top 5 haunted house novels, which are all great reads and recommended for anyone who likes a good scare: (more…)

Top 5 Short Story Collections

5) The Pan Book of Horror Stories – selected by Herbert Van Thal

The Pan Book of Horror Stories

The original selection of spine chilling tales of this much loved series, and has some of the best terrifying tales included, such as Hazel Heald, ‘The Horror in the Museum’, Joan Aiken, ‘Jugged Hare’, George Fielding Eliot, ‘The Copper Bowl’, Joan Aiken, ‘Contents of the Dead Man’s Pocket’, CS Forester, ‘The Physiology of Fear’ and Seabury Quinn, ‘The House of Horror’. (more…)