weird fiction

Palomino – by Olivier de Beventine

Texas, USA, ten days ago…

Fretlock bucked and whinnied as Kansas tried to bring him under control. He was a small horse but ‘My Gaaad, what spirit!’ the seasoned handler mused. “Where d’ya get this ‘un from, Auguss?” he asked his brother, as Fretlock stubbornly stomped dust.
“He was tooken from some place in Englan’, Kansas. The Duke brung him over laass week.”
“The Duke? That feller giives me the heeby jeebies… Whooooaaaah!” Fretlock had bucked again.
“You ain’t wrong, Kansas. But he always got goood produc’. This howss is one uncommon creature. You see that physique? I ain’t never seen anythin’ like it, not in awl mah days.”
“He sure is funny lookin’ alright. Should fetch a faaahn price at stud.” Fretlocked neighed strangely. “Such unusuality.”

Berkshire, England, twelve years ago…
Anxiety wasn’t the word to describe how Freddy felt. Adrenaline and noradrenaline and more adrenaline coursed through his veins till his body was fit to burst and he nearly fell feinted down the stairs. He tried to breathe, to regain his composure. He walked falteringly down and into the sitting room where his unsuspecting parents were reading the papers.

“Mmmum, Dad…” He heroically supressed an impulse to vomit. This was his worst fear; the thing he’d dreaded and put off for the last four years. But this was the time. This time, he’d tell them, no matter what. What was the worst that could happen? ‘A heart attack of my own.’ offered his brain.
“I… I’ve… I’ve got something to tell you.” (more…)

Ocularity – by Tantra Bensko

Black obsidian looked back at Jason: a few feet from his face, the giant statue of his own eye hovered heavily above the canyon. The pedestal of the shining Ocularity jutted out at the tip of the narrow path of land jutting out over Colorado River’s millions of years. Around him, the red rock of Glen Canyon exuded sensation.  Roiling storm clouds led the indefinite grey horizon on a charge against the twilit cobalt sky.


The Coveted General Anzel Smile – By Tantra Bensko

Whenever I see lunar rays coming into my room on new moons, when I hear the catbird bark, and I feel my internal organs curling, jumbling up like chitlins and sweetmeats on a tray handed a dying man in the desert, weakening in the sun before he can reach up to take them, I suspect they are coming for me again, like they did, starting years ago, when I was transferred to command at the new Army base. Little did I know I’d be waking with scrapes on my arms, grass scattered around my pillow, spend my hours trying to understand my secret life. It wasn’t my idea. It was theirs. Whoever they are. (more…)

Latest review: Kraken – by China Miéville


Short Summary:

In the Darwin Centre at London’s Natural History Museum, Billy Harrow, a cephalopod specialist, is conducting a tour whose climax is meant to be the Centre’s prize specimen of a rare Architeuthis duxbetter known as the Giant Squid. But Billy’s tour takes an unexpected turn when the squid is somehow missing.  Who took the squid?  And why?  Billy soon discovers that there are a lot of strange occults and mysterious powerful forces lurking in London that may know the answer. (more…)

Top 5 Short Story Collections

5) The Pan Book of Horror Stories – selected by Herbert Van Thal

The Pan Book of Horror Stories

The original selection of spine chilling tales of this much loved series, and has some of the best terrifying tales included, such as Hazel Heald, ‘The Horror in the Museum’, Joan Aiken, ‘Jugged Hare’, George Fielding Eliot, ‘The Copper Bowl’, Joan Aiken, ‘Contents of the Dead Man’s Pocket’, CS Forester, ‘The Physiology of Fear’ and Seabury Quinn, ‘The House of Horror’. (more…)

Review – Grim by Rupert Smith


Short Summary:

As unexplained suicides begin to pile up in the panic-stricken town of Besselham, visiting archaeologist John Russell makes a strange and sinister discovery on the beach at low tide.  An ancient monument, perhaps – or evidence of a hideous blood cult rising from the distant past to engulf Besselham? John must risk everything to save his disturbed, lonely son Isaac before insatiable powers of evil claim and consume him. (more…)

Latest review – Second Thoughts by Richard Moule

Second Thoughts

Short Summary:

Second Thoughts is Richard Moule’s collection of weird tales of horror and suspense. Whether it’s a stalking Jehovah witness, a talking pile of ashes, black cats, polite cannibals, or a hungry vending machine, each tale brings it’s own quirky take on the subject at hand. (more…)